About Us

The Kids 4 Kids Foundation is driven by a group of passionate people who want to add value to lives - the lives of kids. Through “kids” related projects, we raise money for less privileged kids.

This furthermore gives individuals and companies a platform where they can either take part in, or contribute time, expertise or funds into knowing that by adding value to the K4K Foundation , they add value to the lives of children. The Kids 4 Kids Foundation’s financials are strictly monitored and accounted for and will be audited according to the rules and laws applicable.

Apart from fundraising events, we also have other channels available the collect funds, such as our social media platforms where we have “donate buttons” activated. Any direct contributions can also be deposited into our bank account. Companies and organizations can also add value by supplying goods, food, toys, toiletries, etc, anything that will benefit children or animals in distress. We will collect or receive all items as per arrangement.

Email: info@kids4kids.co.za
Website: www.kids4kids.co.za